Receiving your ferry tickets


You can collect your ferry tickets from our office in Igoumenitsa, which is located at 149 Agion Apostolon, just opposite the old port that connects Igoumenitsa and Corfu or you can collect them from the port office of the company with which you are traveling with the code that will be sent to you via e-mail after the completion of your reservation. You should be at the port at least 1 hour before departure in every case.


Age categories


Almost all cruise lines offer 50% discount for children and free ferry tickets to infants, infants are considered passengers under 4 years old, children are passengers from 5 to 10 years, call us to find out if the company you want to travel with offers discount for seniors (55-60 years old) or for students (up to 26 years).


Accommodation and vehicle categories


You will notice at the time of booking that there are different codes for each accommodation, if you are traveling for the first time you should know:

Deck is the standard accommodation, airseats marked ATS, in flying dolphins type ships standard accommodation spots are numbered and there may be positions labeled ATS, VIP or Business Class with more amenities depending on the company you are traveling.

The cabins can be internal (without window) marked AB or external (with window) labeled A or AA and luxury labeled LUX. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service department for any clarifications.

For vehicles, apart from the first category, our simple step to step reservation system will guide you in choosing the correct type in case you are traveling with a Camper or MiniBus, criteria are the length and height of the vehicle and trailer if there is one.


Booking process – issuing a ticket at


1. You choose the route, date and destination with a single or return journey and number of passengers and vehicles

2. Select the accommodation type you want, type of vehicle and plate number

3. You will see the pricing and you can review your options

4. Fill in the names that will appear on the tickets

5. Fill in your contact details and how you want to collect your ferry tickets

6. Confirm reservation and ticket payment


Payment options


1. Visa or Mastercard credit card

2. Visa Debit card

3. Prepaid card of any bank


Loss, cancellation or change ticket date


If you want to cancel your tickets or change the travel date please contact our customer service department to let you know if there are any charges depending on the policy of the company. In case of lost ferry tickets you are not eligible for return fare.